Where is the best place to buy Levitra?

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Levitra is a medication used for the therapy of impotence that functions by raising the blood flow in to the penis giving for a stable erection adequate to have a sexual relations. As soon as the sexual task is completed the bloodflow is expected to minimize. In some uncommon situations the clients encounter priapism - an abnormally long erection that lasts for greater than 4 hours. This problem could induce more complications so it's suggested to look for instant health care attention. This medicine is FDA maternity classification B, which suggests it is not supposed to damage an unborn child. Levitra is not intended for women, if you are going to take it talk to your physician in advance, particularly if you are expecting or breastfeeding.

High blood tension may be a contraindication so consult your medical professional before composing your thoughts about taking Levitra. Levitra can be found in a range of dosages - tablet computers consisting of 2.5-mg, 5-mg, 10-mg, and 20-mg of the energetic ingredient (Vardenafil). Some mild side results you may experience when taking Levitra consist of flushing, hassle, drippy nose or stuffy nose. Another harmful and quite rare negative side effects that could be related to taking Levitra is unexpected reduce or reduction of eyesight or hearing commonly gone along with by lightheadedness and ringing in the ears.